Drain Cleaning is a pretty straightforward type of work if you know all the details and specifics. We have a track record of thousands of drains cleaned over the course of the past decade. This actually is the main reason for our high reputation. People choose us for their preferred San Diego country plumbing company.

No room for worries even if your bathtub, sink in your kitchen/bathroom, shower tub or laundry lines are completely clogged. All these issues will be solved in a professional and fast manner. Just dial (858) 699-3185 for quick and painless service.

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We have cleaned drains in San Diego and all towns in the county and have all the insights on many specific details like:

  • what type of cleaners works the best
  • how to treat clogs properly
  • how to clean everything leaving you with a perfectly functioning bathtub, sink or shower
  • what could go wrong and how to prevent it from happening
  • recommend best practices to prevent drain clogging

Sometimes though it’s not a matter of just cleaning. Some drains need to be replaced. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does you can rely on us for installing a new drain too.

Of course, being professional requires special equipment. Our vehicles are equipped with a whole range of drain cleaning instruments and tools including 3 types of drain cleaning snakes: for kitchen and laundry lines, for bathroom sinks and shower tubs and one for the main lines.

People in San Diego country recognize us as responsive plumbing contractors with fair pricing. Here are just a few of our positive reviews we have on our Google My Business profile:

VLN Water Heaters Testimonial from Elena Borowski

VLN Water Heaters Testimonial - Martha Moore

VLN Water Heaters Review - George Newman

You can read more reviews if you visit our testimonials page.

Regardless of the fact that drain cleaning is considered as a dirty job, we are always cleaning after us so you are left with a great looking bathroom.

For your convenience we created a section with the most frequently asked questions. If you have more specific inquiry, please give us a call.

Drain Cleaning FAQ:

Q: Do you offer a free estimate?

A: Yes! We offer a free visit and estimate. You’ll be given a free estimate and if all looks good you can just sit back and relax while we are doing what we are best at.


Q: How Can I Prevent Clogged Drains?

A: We have 3 main recommendations:


1). Throw Out Food Leftovers

2). Use a barbed drain tool a.k.a. drain screens

3). Do not buy drain cleaners from stores

In conclusion, if you have a specific inquiry and want to give us more details on the type of clog you have in your bathroom or kitchen sink we are always happy to pick up the phone and learn details in advance.