Every water heater is among the most integral components in the modern household including your home in Del Mar.

These units have made taking a hot shower as easy as opening the tap labeled ‘hot.’

Unfortunately, no matter how cool Del Mar and its people are water heaters installed in households in the town, like all other appliances are, prone to breakage.

In such situations, it is advisable to call a professional plumbing company like VLN Water Heaters to handle the repairs.

How do You know Your Water Heater Requires Repair?

Broken water heaters give out telltale signs. If you notice the following with your water heater, it’s probably time to call a plumber.

– Your water heater isn’t giving out enough hot water.

A variety of reasons cause a lack of enough hot water. It can be as a result of a defective thermostat or low power supplied to the unit. 


– Your unit is leaking.

Water leaking from your unit is attributed to a lot of issues.  These include loose plumbing connections, a stuck valve, and excessive pressure in the tank.


– Your unit is producing strange sounds.

Strange noises from your water heater can be scary, especially at night.  It’s nothing supernatural but instead results from electrical heating elements or an accumulation of sediments. Strange sounds are an indication that your unit needs to be inspected by a professional.


– Rusty spots on the hot water tank.

Rusty spots may be a sign that your heater is aging. If you want to get a bit more time from your unit, having it repaired is the best option.


– Strange odor coming out of or around the water heater.

Odor problems in water heaters are caused by sulfate bacteria developing within the tank. Bacteria accumulates when you live water sitting in the tank for long.  Thus, water coming from the heater has a sulfate smell.

A less common cause is having a magnesium anode and water softener in the heater.

If you reside in Del Mar, San Diego County, and your unit has the above issues, you should contact a local professional plumber you trust. VLN Water Heaters is known for its excellent customer service and a fair price. Just contact us or request a callback.

Why Work with Professionals?

  1. Professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable.

It may be a cliché statement, but it is 100% true. Professionals have the right skills and tools to repair your unit and will give you quality service.

     2. It enhances your safety

If you don’t know your way around electrical components, attempting to repair your unit may end with you getting electrocuted. Calling professionals like VLN Water Heaters eliminates the risk.

     3. It is cost-effective

In the long run, hiring a professional company saves you costs.  The quality of work done by professionals means you won’t experience frequent breakdowns.  This saves you money.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Water Heater Repair Company?

  1. Online ratings. 

Online ratings are the easiest criteria. Generally, companies with excellent service generate high customer ratings. We maintain a high rating score both on Google My Business and Yelp.

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      2. Pricing

The price charged by a company and how well you can afford it should also be considered. It is advisable to choose a company with fair pricing. Your neighbors in Del Mar recognize us as a company with a great customer support offering fair pricing for water heater replacement and repair.

Why Choose Us as Your Water Heater Repair Company in Del Mar?

At VLN Water Heaters, we offer excellent customer service, as evident in our high reviews, at a fair price. We boast of loyal customers in Del Mar and San Diego in general. We are available in short notice and carry out our duties with the utmost integrity. 

Call us now, and we’ll schedule a free estimate visit after you answer a few basic questions.

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