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Water Heater Installation Water Heater Installation Santee Insights

We love Santee! The population is similar to what we have in Poway, just a bit smaller.

Happy Santee residents are occasionally also getting in touch with is for a consultation over the phone or to request a free estimate.

When a customer calls, our goal #1 is to be as relevant as possible. We would answer your call, arrange time for a free estimate.

Lastly, we would arrive at your place and quickly install your new unit.

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Choosing The Right Type of Water Heater for Your Home at Santee

Probably in 90% of all the cases we someone is getting in touch to request a service they already have their water heater purchased.

If you are one of the 10% looking to get an advice in advance then the following couple of paragraphs are for you:

If by any reason you still haven’t, then here’s a short section elaborating on the types of water heaters you can choose from. Make sure you find out what the benefits are for each type or just call us at (858) 699-3185 and we’ll be more than happy to give you a quick expert consultation.

  • Utility prices, actual price of the water heater,  how noisy the unit us, what’s the lifespan – these are among the main questions home owners in Sanee are trying to get
  • We don’t mind installing any water heater. What we always like addressing and advising people is not to allow personal preferences and feelings to replace sane rationality and long term thinking.
  • One of the main dilemmas is whether you need to change your conventional water heater with a more advanced device.

A couple of extra insights:

  • More affordable upfront cost for the hot water tank unit, but higher utility bills.
  • Higher costs associated with other types of units, but the utility bills will be lover.
  • Usually the hot water tank heaters are good if you plan moving in less than 10 years.
  • Tankless models and the other types of units are more typical for people looking to stay more than 10 years in the same house.

Tankless water heater advice:

  • Preferably choose a more powerful thankless unit.

A thing to consider with the tankless model is how powerful it is – the rule of thumb is – the more powerful, the better as you might be doing a couple of activities in the same time and it will need to supply hot water to all of them.

  • The utility bills you get can be lower
  • The unit is usually noisier compared to the hot water tank models.

If you want to replace a hot water tank heater with Tankless one, know that we may have to change the location and reroute the water and the gas pipes which might cause additional charges.

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