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City of Poway! – every time we are asked to visit the place for a water heater repair we feel excited. This is our previous home town and we still have a lot of friends here.

Of course water heater repair in Poway is no different at any other city or town in the county. Repair is repair. What makes is different is the level of professionalism, speed of service and customer service.

For over 5 years VLN Water Heaters has been proudly serving the homeowners and business owners of Poway with superior service. We earned a lot of friends here and the list keeps growing. We are thankful that often some of our customers would refer us to their neighbour.

If you are based in Poway and experience a water heater leak or any other issue with your unit, you are more than welcomed to get in touch with us.

Here’s a quick recap on why other people prefer us so far:

  • Get your plumbing issue solved quickly
  • Get great customer service
  • Free estimates
  • Always fair pricing!

In fact:

There is a simple ‘secret’ for getting so much happy clients

And this secret is:

Being persistent in providing great customer service

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Seeing the smile on someone’s face is an powerful reward for all people in our team.

In reality being a rockstar plumber is a matter of hard work: it takes discipline and determination to improve your skills on a regular basis and serve your customers better and better. This is something we are not afraid of. It’s rather the opposite – it’s something we really enjoy.

Here are the steps we usually go through when we need to inspect and repair a water heater in Poway or any other place in the county:


Shut the water off

There’s nothing else to do if the water is not shut off. In case of emergency we would sometimes ask you to do it yourself until we arrive. This usually happens when you experience a serious leak.


Turn the power off

We use the breaker for that or the power shut off.


Let it drain

Then we would just blow off a valve and let it drain all the water. It takes a little while, but it’s the way it is.


Disconnecting lines and wires

While the water is still draining, we disconnect the lines for hot & cold water in and hot water out. Once disconnected, air is flowing in and this helps the water drain faster. We also access the the electric wires inside the unit and disconnect them too.

We also remove the connection lines and basically we are ready to remove the old water heater.

Hint: We highly recommend using a pan – it might save you extra money and prevents damage caused by leaking. To learn more about pans you can read our blog post on water heater pans.

When it’s all fixed we compile everything back the way it was.


Fill in the tank with water

Very important step. Skipping this may burn elements inside if you turn it on. Leaving a faucet in the kitchen or the bathroom with hot water turned on allows helps bleeding the air out of the tank. We need to end up with a water heater completely filled in with water.


These are basic steps with general instructions on what’s the usual flow when repairing a water heater. There are many specific actions that are not included in the article. Please do not do it yourself and always use a licensed plumber like VLN Water Heaters to get the job done for you.

In conclusion

Poway residents are welcomed to request more info calling (858) 699-3185. We are always happy to answer specific inquiries.

Thanks for reading and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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