You wouldn’t be surprised being on a plumber’s blog and reading suggestions for plumbing gifts for your mother this upcoming Sunday for Mother’s Day, would you?

In fact, regardless of the fact if you’ll celebrate it or not, you might still find value in the paragraphs below.

Here’s a quick list of fixes you should be able to do on your own:

Replace the shower head

You’d need a new shower head and pliers (the wide mouth type).

Just remove the old shower head with the pliers and replace it with the new one. I recommend putting a rag over the spot base. Tighten the head with the pliers with a small number of quarter turns. Check for leaks and if needed continue tightening the shower head with ¼ inch at a time.

For a makeover on a higher level you could replace the the arm and flange as well.

Unclog a slow drain

There was another blog post on clearing clogs with DYI cleaners I published recently. 

All you’d need is vinegar, baking soda and boiling water.

Here are the instructions taken from the same blog post:


Replacing the old faucet with a new one

If you mother needs a new faucet think of surprising her with an upgraded model of a faucet. Here’s a great guide from Many of the models nowadays are really easy to install. This one requires a bit more experience and preparation, so if you are limited in time and budget try to look for something more applicable for the moment.

Bonus gift – replacing the old heater with a tankless water heater

If your mother has a traditional conventional storage water heater there’s an option for upgrading to a tankless model. If you believe now it’s time for that already you can count on our help to do it properly.

All these plumbing fixes are a stunning way to express your love and are a great practical gift themselves. While doing your inspection you might cross on real plumbing issues. In most of these cases your mother will be thankful if you just call a professional plumber.


Regardless the occasion and the person who it is for, a little more attention will be always appreciated.

Finding a way to show your attention could be both fun and creative process, but even simpler actions do pretty well.

On behalf of everyone at VLN Water Heaters, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!