In this blog post we’ll try to answer the question:

Is it Worth Switching from Gas to an Electric Water Heater?

In fact you’re not actually switching, you’re replacing. These are just different types of water heating devices. It’s not an easy task to conclude with 100% confidence which option is better.

In the next couple of paragraphs we’ll review a couple of advantages and disadvantages

Disadvantages for replacement

Too complicated and involves too many steps:

  • discontinuing the gas line and vent
  • resizing your chimney (not every time)
  • Installing a liner

You may also have to get assistance from an electrician for evaluating the current electric service and find out if your panel will be compatible with the heater’s extra load.

The next important job would be to install two things –  an electrical line to the location with the line hooked up.

Once this is done it’s the plumber’s obligation to re-connect the water tines to and from the device.

There are a few other things that need to be done as well. 

You may find yourself doing much less and for significantly lower price if you simply replace the gas heater with another gas heater.

This is less popular among homeowners as they consider maintaining a gas heater As much easier kind of responsibility. The gas bills are also often cheaper than the ones you would have with an electric water heater. It’s a kind of insurance that you will always have hot water unlike the case with the electric device when there is no electricity.

Talking about costs, in fact, water heating is the second largest home expense. But not everyone is calculating the same way and sometimes bills with an electrical heater might be lower.

Advantages of replacing your gas water heater with electric water heater

Your water heater on average accounts for approximately 15% of utility bills. This is a stat taken from the US Department of Energy.

According to the same department, electric water heaters are  energy efficient compared to the traditional gas water heaters.  It’s explained by the fact that with the gas devices heat is lost via vents while with the electric ones there is no extra loss through pipes.  This is how you save  money on your utility bills.

It would be best to consult with a local  warmer before you take your final decision. It’s this guy or a company  that usually has enough data to come up with relevant advice.

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