Staying at the top of the game as a San Diego plumber comes with it high standard requirements.

Years ago when we were launching the business and serving our neighbors as our first clients, we thought we are only in the business of replacing water heaters, repairing faucets etc. Very soon we realized being a good plumber involves being good at communication, handling various situations in a professional business manner and having enough energy to finish the jobs in due time.

Below you’ll find a short list of characteristics that every rock star should be maintaining or at least striving for if they are just starting:


An experienced professional plumber is confident fixing any kind of plumbing issue. There’s no extra kind of pressure when you deal with someone able to repair a water heater with closed eyes.

They are able to help you solve any kind of plumbing issues even by phone.

For example if you are in doubt if switching from a gas water heater to an electric water heater is a good idea they can share both advantages and disadvantages, so you end up getting a more educated decision.

An experienced plumber respects your time. If the plumber you are expecting to arrive at your home will not appear on time and he calls you to give you a notice on his 5 mins delay then it’s a sure sign that this guy respects your time.

Has Positive Reputation

As mentioned in other articles, you should be looking for their Google My Business profiles to find out what kind of reviews are people leaving. The rockstar plumber will often have 5 stars only. Try choosing one with at least 5 reviews. Of course he should have his licensed

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Always Give Great Customer Service

A rockstar plumber will often have great communication skills and positive attitude towards his clients. While good manners and clean work are all what clients expect there’s always something more that a professional will know how to use.

Quick and affordable

To get the job done quickly is one of the most typical characteristics of a great plumber. No fluffs, no extra unnecessary questions, just professional work.

And when this comes with an affordable price, this is already a reason for a mini celebration with your family members.

VLN Water Heaters is a company that is built upon providing great customer service, repeat business, and recommendations. You can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with the plumbing services we provide. What comes as extra is the company’s competitive pricing. You will not spend more than you absolutely have to for a quality plumbing service.

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